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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hello... is anybody home?

Yes, I am here! Right after my last post we went on an 8 day "vacation" of sorts. (I didn't get to sleep in one day! I'm not bitter!) Monday, March 24 we left for Myrtle Beach where Phillip spoke for a Spring Break Youth Trip for a buddy of his. Then we left Friday morning and drove straight through to Atlanta. We dropped the girls off with my mom and aunt and headed to Buckhead for a mini marriage conference. It was great. Then we headed up to my aunt's house Sunday afternoon to have a late Easter celebration. Monday morning we closed on our house and Tuesday we headed back to Charlotte. Whew! I'm tired just writing it all again! Needless to say that our internet coverage through out his whole trip was very sketchy. So when I did get a chance to get on the computer I quickly checked my e-mail and the bank and got off before I lost the sacred signal. So that is why I haven't kept you guys "up to date." I also don't have much more to report about our time away cause it was such a whirlwind nor do I even have 1 picture to share with you guys because I'm such a bad mom! So we're back in business. I have two posts, with pictures, in the works so stay tuned.