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Monday, December 10, 2007

We're Here!!!

Praise the Lord, we made it!! For those of you who don't keep up with Phillip's blog, which you should cause he will keep you way more informed than I ever could, Savannah Grace was diagnosed with bronchitis and Rylee had a major ear infection in her left ear the day before we left Atlanta to head to Charlotte. So I traveled with 2 sick kids by myself last Thursday just to arrive in Charlotte and take care of my third sick "kid" (Phillip). Luckily his parents were here to help with the kids, the sickness and the house. We got the whole kitchen unpacked and Phillip and his dad hung blinds and flipped the girls rooms. Thank God for grandparents!!! Our first Sunday was great. We were very warmly welcomed by so many people. Tomorrow we will be going to our first play date. Strangely enough we'll be going to the park seeing as how we are having some unseasonably warm weather. It was 82 degrees today!!! Are you joking?!?! It is December 10th isn't it? Thank you to everyone who has been keeping us in your prayers, we need it and keep it up. The girls are obviously still adjusting and SG is definitely having some behavior problems. Pray for their adjustment and extra patience for me and Phillip. God is doing great things here in Charlotte and we are honored and excited to be a small part of it. Thank you Elevators for making us feel so welcome!!